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  • Pick a photo(s) that you want to have painted. The quality of the portraits depends on the clarity of the pictures. Please send photos that have not been downloaded from the social networks. When you order from your mobile phone or tablet, please always choose the original size of the photo (compressed photos contain less detail). Choose material and drawing technique: - oil - colour pastel - black and white pastel - drawing - caricature Choose the size – the size depends on the number of persons on the photo. Send the pictures to email together with all your specifications and requirements. If you have any details about colour of the eyes, hair, clothes, background or composition, or any other questions about the product, please write them! Please provide an address and a telephone phone for contact with you. You will receive an e-mail with a bank account to transfer 30% of the amount as a deposit.
  • Additionally, I may have some questions about the exact color of the eyes, hair, clothes and so on. This is in case they are not quite well seen on the photo. Standard order: it contains a neutral background that is most suitable for the portrait. Special order: whole figures, a special background with additional elements, a landscape. The price for these orders is negotiable. During the initial stage of the work I will send you a photo of the picture. At this stage it is possible to make additional adjustments such as adding details, matching of images, composition and certain face corrections. Finally a photo is made of the finished portrait and sent for approval. After the balance on the order has been paid, the product is shipped well packaged by post and with a tracking number. For orders outside Bulgaria the delivery time is up to 10-15 business days. Express delivery through a courier company is made at the expense of the customer.

Contact - mobile: (+359)886333166, (+43)67761472668